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Cebela is a Femboy Vtuber (Primarily streamer) that plays a wide variety of games ranging from the Souls-like genre to horror to puzzle games. They are very mature with their content, and should only be viewed by viewers that are 18+. They swap a lot between a chaotic loud energy, or a calm cozy vibe, which can depend a lot on if they have others with them while they are streaming. Their character, while not being as complex as others may be, is a anthro-bee boy (although, some art depicts them as a girl) that wears feminine clothing and boasts a very feminine personality. Cebela is completely independent, they stream purely as a passion to meet people and make friends through playing games online. Cebela's birthday is August 6th.

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A bee who's own narcissism lead to the wiping out of their entire hive, using means such as arson to completely wipe out their own hive; as well as any others they found. They have no family anymore, and need the comfort and support of other sweet creatures to feel happy; unless their a bee. Other bees are viewed as contenders to Cebela, and Cebela will respond with biting and gnawing at them; or playfully removing their clothes in a dark room.

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