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Westy, known to humans as the House Cat of Cthulhu, is the condensed hungering void of space slumbering in the form of a cat.

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The Nekonomicon, a book tied to keeping his form trapped and sleeping, passes from mortal to mortal, tasked with feeding the cat and tending to his needs in exchange for treasure and forbidden knowledge. Emerging as a lion-sized cat with 4 eyes, Westy feeds on human sacrifices whenever offered, the feeding time and amount needed changing each time. Once the caretaker fails to fulfill the needs of the cat or tries to rid themselves of the book, Westy is free to devour them as well. Although he himself is unable to open the book, he is free to read it if the pages are turned for him. Once the book is destroyed fully the darkness and monster within are then free to feast on reality, humans, gods, and devils alike. Until that time comes, Westy expands his influence, supporting others to help spread awareness and find future caretakers. Current caretaker: Adrienne, a girl with a liking for the occult who read the wrong book. In exchange for treasure and knowledge beyond her wildest dreams, she now plays caretaker to Westy, feeding him sacrifices and doing as he commands. She does not speak for personal reasons while on stream, allowing Westy to be the center of focus so he may spread his influence

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