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Sinder is a female English-speaking independent VTuber. She has long, dark brown hair with orange highlights and fiery orange-red horns and golden eyes.

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Long ago, in the desolate hollows of Hell, hellhounds dominated as the realm's alpha predators. Infernal wolves born of fire; they had immense control over the flames that raged around them. The wolf packs acted as Hell's guardians, maintaining balance within the chaotic realm, and protecting it from outside threats. That was, until the demons arrived. At first the demonic waves were easily scorched, but the demons were unrelenting. Unlike the hellhounds, the demons were immortal. No matter how many the hellhounds had slain, the demons would return, stronger and more vicious than the last. They were unstoppable. As the war continued, the Demonic Overlord took notice of the hellhounds' strength. "It would be a waste to eradicate such useful beings," they thought. The hellhounds' fate was sealed. Their souls were corrupted with demonic energy, and their forms twisted to match, turning them into vicious, bloodthirsty demons. The protectors of the underworld became immortal firepowered monsters. The Overlord charged the once noble hellhounds with guarding the demon's empire at The Gates of Hell. Eons later, a tiny soul was born from the inferno. A hellhound. But this one was different from her demonic kin. She was a demon, yes, but she was not a monster. Her heart was pure. Her soul burned bright with kindness and love. The demonic influence that corrupted the rest of her kind was subdued within her. They called her "The Hellhound with a Heart from Heaven." Her unexpectedly kind demeanor drove the rest of the hellhounds away, leaving her abandoned and alone. Without the hellhounds, she sought the friendship of the souls she was meant to terrorize. She didn't wish to harm any of them. Word of her uniqueness spread like hellfire throughout the underworld. Until finally, the Demonic Overlord became aware of her existence. They were disgusted by her, and despised her perplexing nature. As an immortal being, the hellhound couldn't be destroyed, but she didn't belong in Hell. "If she wants to make friends with these damned souls, then I'll give her exactly that!" With their chaotic magic, the Demonic Overlord transformed her into a half human, half hellhound monster, and banished her to the mortal realm, never to return. No living soul would befriend such a horrifying being. She would live for eternity, shunned from all creatures. It was a fitting punishment for a mistake like her, or so they had thought... She awoke, blinded by a bright light in the sky. "Where am I?" she thought to herself. "What am I?" She stood up and looked around this strange new world. Again, she was all alone, and had nowhere to go. But she smiled confidently. There was a bright, burning future ahead of her.

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