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Shinzo Shi

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Shinzo Shi is a male VTuber who streams ANYTHING. From rage games like Jump King to PVE Games like Crab Champions He is a peanut brain lil gremlin >:D Started streaming back in 2020 as a png tuber but later moved on from his pasts (and the account) to become a live 2d VTuber He is a British VTuber so all of his streams are in English! (Loves Japan) Goal: To be friends with every VTuber 🗿

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It was a long time ago around 2000 years ago there was a demon named Shinzo Shi. A demon high in the ranks 2nd in power who led many demons into battle against mankind... But it seems that he's been sealed away by his own followers for now! Because of this, the demons that once worshipped him soon turned there loyalty against him turning away going towards Infernal Beelzebub Anarchia Cruul de Apokalypsi, the Opposite of Divine, Prince of Suffering and Torment, Master of all Sin, Conqueror of the Underworld, and King of all Demonkind or bubi for short the top in the demon ranks powered over Shinzo Shi showing he was more powerful and better! It was said that Shinzo Shi would've become the devil. The reason for this was because he was more powerful than most, and only had one equal enemy (Bubi)... But this was all just a lie there was a demon more powerful than both of these demons and her name was ironmouse or as most know her as Satan she was the one who powered over Bubi the only one with equal power to Shinzo Shi making her the strongest demon and ruler of the Underworld. In fear of the same thing happening to Shinzo Shi he fled to the only place he knew he was safe and that was the human world. A banned place to go for all demons. But he knew it was the only choice the only way to not be one taken by the deadly ironmouse! So he used all his might, power and determination to open the portal to the overworld and escape before his true fear came for his soul. When moving between two different worlds you go further in time based on your power meaning he travels 1000 years into the future! By the time he arrived there he saw all the advancements humans have made in the past thousand years. The was 2023 as that's where his journey began finding out what the internet was and soon figured out what streaming was soon after making it his career and journey to regain his trust from people like he had in hell and be friend everyone.

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