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Shinzo Shi

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Shinzo Shi is a small British male streamer (get it bc hes short) he streams a whole range of games like Minecraft all the way to jump king. His goal is to make people happy and entertained no matter what even if that means he has to drain out all his energy streaming! Though he may seem quiet unenergetic he tries his best to make the streams as fun as possible always talking with chat and (trying) to start a conversation with their viewers.

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It was around 2000 years ago, in the dark depths of hell, that there existed a demon more powerful than the others surrounding him. His name was Shinzo Shi. Due to his superior power, people feared him and avoided him at all costs. They believed that even a single wrong move could cost them their lives. As a result, Shinzo locked himself in his room, isolating himself from the outside world, burdened by guilt and sadness for causing others to feel this way about him. He wished for acceptance, hoping that one day people would embrace him for who he truly was. Suddenly, an idea struck him. There was an ancient portal to the overworld, albeit in a dilapidated state. He knew he could repair it and escape from the oppressive confines of hell. (Blah blah, this is for future events.) Finally, the portal illuminated in a bright blue light, illuminating the entire place. As he stepped inside, he felt excruciating pain all over, and then pop— he found himself inexplicably transported 2000 years into the future... (To be continued on April 1st 2024).

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