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Shinobi Neon is a VTuber/VStreamer who streams in English. He is known for his puns and humor, smooth voice, and chill and cozy vibes.

He often streams Guild Wars, the Monster Hunter series, horror games, and a variety of retro and indie games. He is normally calm, strategic, and a bit reckless, but can become startled or scared in hilarious fashion when playing horror games. Other things that scare him include dogs, and math. His favorite foods are canned cat food, and pizza, earning him the nickname "Samurai Pizza Cat". His birthday is May 14, and he is 10 inches tall.

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Shinobi is a unique American Brown Tabby cat who wears a samurai helmet and also has heterochromia - one of his eyes is blue while the other is orange. He claims to have learned 'human speak' by being around humans all his life and attempting to communicate with them, eventually learning English. He claims all cats understand English, but most find it too bothersome to speak it, preferring to meow instead. His viewers often attempt to greet him in his native language with "meow", often followed by Shinobi translating their greeting as something humorous and nonsensical, before thanking them for their sentiment.

Shinobi is well known for his wit and humor, as well as his uncanny ability to make puns about pretty much everything, much to the amusement of viewers. In fact, legend has it that there is no subject he cannot pun about. Shinobi is said to possess a legendary “pun blade”, which he claims is “forged from the finest puns and tempered in dad jokes.” He explains that this blade does not hurt his opponents, but rather drains their will to fight by making them laugh uncontrollably.

In fact, his name itself is a pun - the 'Neon' symbolizes his love for retro aesthetics, while also sounding like 'nyan', a Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow". The 'Shinobi' part of his name is not a pun, and comes from his time on the competitive Street Fighter tournament circuit, where he frequently played the female ninja character Ibuki.

Shinobi fancies himself a true 'samurai cat', facing challenges fearlessly (sometimes), while encouraging others to do the same by lending them some of his "samurai spirit" and "lucky cat blessings".

APRIL 1ST, 2022.

Shinobi suddenly went missing. A post from his Twitter account asked if anyone had seen Shinobi, signed by someone named "Lynn". His stream that day opened with a "missing cat" poster on his starting screen, showing Shinobi's picture. The stream then began with a colorful feminine layout instead of the usual neon city lights. It was hosted by a young girl introducing herself as "Lynn O. Bea Rionn", a girl from Shinobi's neighborhood who sometimes fed him cat treats. She admitted she was new to streaming, but seemed to get along well with the audience.

Late at night on April 2nd, 2022, Shinobi reappeared, apologizing for being unable to stream the day before. Viewers greeted him warmly and expressed their love for Lynn, much to Shinobi's confusion.

APRIL 1st, 2023.

After promising a normal stream this year, Shinobi was not heard from for several days, leaving fans to wonder if a stream would even take place. His stream started anyway, right on time... except instead of his usual intro and music, it quickly changed to a black screen with white handwritten text set to nightmarish music. The text explained that not only was Shinobi missing, but so was Lynn, a classmate of whoever was writing the text. The author explained that they would be streaming in Shinobi's place, and revealed themselves as Cordelia Nightshade, saying, "The show must go on".

The screen switched to a graveyard scene at night, covered in thick fog. Suddenly, a gust of black smoke appeared and materialized into a human shape. It was a girl - Cordelia herself. Her black hair was done in twin buns, her face was painted like a skull, the corners of her mouth were sewn shut, and there was a noticeable bloody knife protruding from the chest of her black shirt.

She greeted the viewers, who were understandably skeptical because of her frightening appearance. However, she assured them that she will find Shinobi and guide him back to safety as soon as the stream is over. She played horror-themed games during the stream, during which the viewers quickly warmed up to her. Rather than be scared or grossed out by the gore and spooks, she appeared very comfortable with it, even amused at things that would have scared the average streamer. In fact, at one point during a particularly gory scene in Resident Evil 2 Remake, she remarked that she was feeling hungry.

During the final segment of the stream, a Dead By Daylight match, she miraculously managed to escape as the killer seemingly refused to attack her after killing her teammates. Cordelia explained that the killer saw the void in her soul and realized they were both kindred beings born of darkness.

The stream then ended, with Cordelia vowing to search for Shinobi and return him to the stream - which he did the very next day. Cordelia remained on Shinobi's stream as a summon, "to keep an eye on him". Viewers are able to pay Catto Coins to summon Cordelia for 30 minutes at a time. No word was mentioned of Lynn, and she remains missing to this day.

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