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ShinobiDragonMaster aka Shino is an EnVtuber that plays all different types of games. From horror to action to building games. He even chills and talk to everyone and likes to meet new people. Hack he even does DnD or "Dungeons and Dragon" on the side with his good friends. But, be warned he does have a sharp tong when it comes to things like fps games or how he reacts to things. Shino can be hard to understand at times but everyone knows that and they accept him for who he is. Shino is also learning how to sing and in the future learn how to make his own music.

There were times where he felt like giving up in the whole streaming world. He felt like non of his streams matter cause only one person was watching or non at all. But, he kept pushing on and on.

Till finally he made new friends met amazing people along the way. Even though Shino is a small streamer he still strives to become stronger and welcome new viewers to the channel. Maybe someday he can be friends with everyone he meets and have a big family dinner at the dojo. Only time will tell.

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Shino was once a crimson dragon in the heavens that kept an eye down on earth. Just to make sure no real danger occurred. One day when he was looking at his magic crystal ball this person looked like there were up to no good. Then a sudden black hole appeared right in front of Shino. He looked back at the ball and the man looked up in the sky smiling. As if he was smiling at Shino. Then the hole sucked him in.

When Shino came to he was in a grassy field to which he didn't have any memory of what happened. He took a human form with sharp ears and 2 horns on his head. Not knowing who he was or knowing his own name. Shino started to walk towards a path. He stumbled upon what appeared to be a dojo of sorts. The people took him in without any hesitation. The leader told him that he has to train to become a shinobi in order for him for him to live there. It was an odd request but Shino didn't say anything besides nod. As he was training to become a shinobi he started to remember bits and pieces of who he was. Shino was the crimson dragon that protect the earth and everything that lives on it. His name however never came back to him so he started calling himself Shinobi. His master laughed and said "how about Shino?''

Several years have gone by and despite what he learned Shino still couldn't find himself to harm any humans. So he roamed around this strange earth for many years trying to go back home. But, he didn't have any magic left so he stayed in caves hoping no one would enter.

Till a thousand years later he decided to visited the land that once taught him the shinobi ways. Japan, it was a lot different from what Shino remembered but he felt a connection with this one and the old one. He walked through the streets and noticed times have changed. People looked at him saying if he was a cosplayer. Shino replied with a confused look saying “I… uh no I'm a dragon that took human form I'm actually a shinobi. I honed my skills and trained under my master” One of them just said that It’s just part of his role playing. He can't break character. Shino turned his back towards them and started to walk the other away. As his master once told him that he have to study and explore the surrounding areas if he didn't he could get assassinated or just lost. So Shino did just that. He studied the areas as master once told him. For some reason he was getting some of his powers back just by walking around till he notice this light that had people on it looked like they aren't human. He ran towards it asking to help him. The humans started to look at him funny. He didn't care. One person came up to Shino saying that "there not real. Only holograms most of them are what we called Vtubers. Jeez what a weird guy" the human said.

From then on Shino study the art on how to become one of them. He put all of his energy into that. Slowly he was becoming this "Vtuber" that human was talking about. Shino started to feel his powers coming back to him but still couldn't go home yet. So as he got everything set up to become one of them. He didn't know what to do at that point. People just tuned in and saw and said things like "you look cool" or "lol" or "love the outfit". Shino enjoyed interacting with them all. Even though he didn't know what he was doing and didn't know the people.

Few days have gone and still getting some of his power back. Shino said to himself "maybe this is the source of my power. Making people happy having them support me when times are tough. Even though I'm getting my powers back I feel more at peace here than I did in my old world". He said to myself. "From here on out, I will use my powers for good and not evil. Like my master has taught me all those years ago now I get to decide what to do with my life".

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