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Shikotoshi is a trans-fem v-tuber/png tuber who specializes in social interactions, usually making people feel welcomed. It has been said her voice is soothing.

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Shikotoshi was born under devolped as she hatches from her cracked egg, a small crack having formed from impact against a wall after her careless mother had accidently pushed it back when warming it. Vulcrum, her brother had hatched first of the brood being one of two eggs that hatched out of possibly six. Seirasuka being Shiko’s mother, Shikotoshi’s and Vulcrum’s father being a dragon who was named Inferna, but to be truthful she picked a dragon named Crytenus to be her father, he was a dragon with a face of ice but a warm heart, that he had to mostly contain under wraps.

Shiko was a fire drake, temperamental and deeply angry. She expressed homicidal tendencies far escalating her current. She was rage, and stomping, and deep anger. As to calm down she left home, to travel the earth until 100 moons later when two titans fought under the moonlit night. Inferna and Crytenus. Inferna won, leaving Crytenus mortally injured. His daughter Shiko tended to him for many days, the two-spending quality time together as his light was blinking out slowly but surely. Shiko smiled through tears the whole time, as her father spoke of how proud he was of her and how he loved her, words she did not hear often....well, this being the first time he ever showed any real emotion. She closed his eyes, tears escaping her own as the biggest smile she ever wore graced her lips, his final wish was she’d be able to go far in her traveling, which was what ultimately made her into a galaxy dragon.

Utilizing Crytenus' bones Shiko saw a chance to keep him with her, as her obsession with being connected to him ran deep and his desire throughout life was to travel. Using Crytenus' bones she fashioned a flail, her father's skull being the spiky ball, once fully equipped, and now having her father with her she set out on her travels. He, like her, always wanted to see the world. Even in his death, she'd try to give him this much.

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