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Shigo Dreadful

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Shigo is a Female Moth VTuber from Purgatory (the UK) with a soft voice who hiccups a lot. She is a variety streamer who enjoys reading about monsters, putting people to sleep and talking about movies, space, philosophy and . She enjoys encouraging her viewers by saying "it's okay, you're dead anyway, do what makes you happy!" and advocating for kindness and mental health. According to her, finding her means you have died and come to her hotel in purgatory. She refers to her viewers/fans as 'Soulmates' and 'Dearly Departed'. When someone gifts subs or raids her channel, she accuses them of mass-murder. She began streaming as Shigo in September 2022. She has not yet debuted.

Shigo's Oshi marks: ?? (Also known to use: ?️ )

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Shigo is the owner of Blair Manor, an Infinity Hotel in the dimension of Purgatory that is home to every soul that has left the mortal realm. She takes care of her souls and keeps them safe and entertained, helping them sleep off the horrors of life and helps them find peace and calm in the afterlife. It is unknown what Shigo was before constructing purgatory or why she built the hotel. Her lore excerpts note a few things that may shed light on this: — Purgatory never has day, only dusk to dawn.

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