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Shameless Pawn

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Name is Talon but folks call him Shameless. Shameless is a simple man who wants to try and bring a spark back to the world. Years of hardship have let him see that a good time can really make the day so much nicer. He is a variety gamer who runs his own gentleman's club. The community can often relax at the club he runs known as The Climax. Supports all beings right to exist no matter what beliefs.

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Shameless was born known to the world as Talon Silverwind, but after a long life of hardship as taken up the stage name of Shameless Pawn. Born to a human mother and the bastard of an elven father, he grew up poor for most of his life. Losing his mother at an early age to illness and never knowing his true father. One fated day he would meet the man who would change his life forever. A travelling brothel owner known as Omar. Omar was in fact actually Ilos the god of pleasure from Talon's realm who took a liking to the young half-blood. Seeing a spark of creativity in the lad's eyes even through the countless years of tiring wandering he had before them. He would train the boy and adopt him as his own. Eventually gifting him the club he owned as he went to lay in dormant sleep for the next lifetime. Now Shameless works hard to keep the club running smoothly while also being a dancer for the late nights as well.

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