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Scyllabii is a Filipino Vtuber based in Canada. She started streaming around June of 2022. Mainly stream on Facebook and twitch playing variety of games! She is known as Snake Vtuber not only because of her character design but because of her character companion and real pet- Pichi, a snake. Scyllabii's character design has more human characteristics except for her green snake eyes, horns, scales on both legs and shoulder, a snake tail, accompanied by her White Snake.

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Have you ever heard of a witch and a demon betrothed to each other? This might sounds odd yet let me tell you the story of a woman, who is half-demon and a half-witch. Her name is Scyllabii.

Born from a witch mother, and a demon father, Scyllabii is one of those rare half-bloods who possesses incredible mysticism.

Since a witch and a demon having an offspring is taboo, Scyllabii was not able to spend precious moments with her family as a whole when she was younger.

Despite the witches being in a different realm, hidden from humans, they still adhere to strict laws. When both the leaders of the witch and demon realms found out that her parents gave birth to Scyllabii they were forbidden from ever meeting again. Sycllabii was given an exemption to travel back and forth to both realms as a result of her parents’ desperate favor to their leaders to be able to see their beloved child.

Witches have guardians or protectors called 'Familiars', and Scyllabii is no different. Pichi, her familiar is a Shiro Hebi. A Shiro Hebi symbolizes purity, good energy, and new beginnings. Like the yin yang energy, Pitchi, surrounded by positivity,is the perfect contrast for Scyllabii who symbolizes grief, and negativity.

The reason Scyllabii garnered these traits is due to her broken family, she has both the traits of a witch and a demon. Happy-go-lucky, mischievous, and cunning, that’s how everyone describes Scyllabii. Scyllabii would do everything for her own entertainment and thus she was called a troublemaker. The only thing that stops her from wreaking havoc is her familiar, who keeps reminding her about the great law, "as you sow, shall you reap".

One day, Scyllabii was at a loss and bored from visiting both of her parents' realms, she decided to go to the human realm, looking for entertainment. Meaning, she's looking to make some trouble and wants to find someone to trick and prank.

One day, as she continues to spend her days in the human realm, she bumps into a guy who was running, as if chasing something. After pausing briefly to apologize to her, he continues his chase. For the guy, it might've meant nothing. But for Scyllabii, she was allured, and could also be love at first sight.

As a witch, it's natural for her to be infatuated. And as a demon, her apathetic nature allows her to keep on pursuing for the things she wants, even if she needs to destroy those who oppose her.

She continues to explore the realm of humans, not wasting a single moment to find the guy that she fell in love with.

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