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Sarah Shumai

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In the moonlit realm of the virtual world, Sarah Shumai lurks with charm and grace, a vampire bat girl whose passion for gaming and dumplings is as boundless as the night sky. With her fangs, wings, and irresistible charm, Sarah Shumai will become a beloved figure in the Vtuber community, enchanting viewers with her spirited gameplay and friendly demeanor.

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In the heart of an ancient and mystical forest, hidden beneath the silver glow of the moon, there once fluttered a small vampire bat with an unquenchable passion for culinary delights. This was no ordinary bat, for it was said that Sarah, as she came to be known, was born from the laughter of the moon goddess, who delighted in the night creatures' joyful revelry. Every night, using her keen sense of smell, Sarah would find her way to the nearby village where the air was rich with the scent of freshly steamed dumplings and intricately wrapped shumai. She would watch, hidden from sight, as the old dumpling master crafted his delights with precision and love. One particular night, a falling star illuminated the sky and Sarah made a wish with all her heart—to become a being that could create and share the joy of dumplings and shumai with the entire world. Moved by her pure wish, the moon goddess bestowed upon Sarah a transformative magic. Bathed in silvery moonlight, Sarah’s form shimmered and shifted, and where a bat once fluttered, now stood a bat girl, with delicate wings, keen eyes, and a heart full of dreams. Adopting the name Sarah Shumai, she embraced her new life with gusto.

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