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SaraDeeka is a Cat-Snake (cake) vtuber with 2 entities host in one body. Sara is the innocent and cheerful side with white/blue hair. The other, announced herself as Madam Deeka; cunny and wicked with black/red hair to match her evil ways.

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In Ancient Egypt, Apophis, deity of darkness and chaos; ruled the land. Among his army was a lone white snake, different from the rest of evil creatures, wouldn't cause chaos. One day, the white snake was wandering the lands and came across a cat dangling from a cliff edge. The white snake knew the cat was an enemy to her deity but her heart told her she had to save the cat. The white snake rescued the cat and fled the scene in case anyone witnessed it. However, someone did. Word spread throughout the army till Apophis got wind of it. Apophis smithed the white snake to the underworld. In the cold darkness where the white snake looms, a sinister voice envelopes the snake, "What an innocent vessel you are, just right to release me from this abyss." As the voice creeped slowly into the snake, a bright light engulfed the snake and rose her out of the darkness. "As a token of gratitude for saving one of my kin, I will bestow you my blessing and reincarnate you to another world." Said a warm voice. Opening her eyes, she was not a typical snake anymore. With ears of a cat and a snake tail on a humanoid body, she paved the way she wants to live in this world as a cat cafe owner.

However, Sara wasn't the only one that was brought back from the underworld.

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