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Saora is an independent female English VTuber who primarily streams on Twitch. She mainly streams gaming, ASMR, and chatting. She is a bubbly and compassionate jellyfish, also known for her cozy-cursed vibes. Her birthday is March 14 ♓︎ and she is around 500 million years old. Her height is 160cm. She likes Pokémon, fashion, baking, naps, boba, and psychology. She dislikes horror, firecrackers, itchiness, and celery.

Her character was designed by Kaguya Fae and herself. Her model art is by Angeloushart, and her model rig is by Karamomo Kitchen.

Lore Edit

Saora, an ancient jellyfish that hails from an otherworldly, nomadic race. She currently resides amongst humans as a virtual streamer. Her heart would be huge, if she had one. Her brain? Not so much. She has a sweet and bubbly disposition, and loves humans of all kinds. Don’t let that fool you, though– when upset, her words can have a sharp sting.

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