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sana ruka

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Sana is an adorable, silly vampire vtuber and shapeshifter! very active and playful and majority of the time chaotic. She loves to make others smile and laugh at her jokes. Don't get too close though she might take a sample of your blood.

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In a world full of red and black everywhere she turned despair followed. Sana knew she couldn’t keep wasting her life away in this wretched place anymore, she needed a disguise.. All of her life she's been preparing for this moment, she gets her things and then exits her realm and flees. “If I can’t have a lovely time in hell I’ll make it everyone's problem here.. On earth.” she giggled as she skips over to a nearby forest, almost falling on her face. She wandered and wandered to what felt like an eternity until she spotted a little bunny. “Hey there lil guy ” — “here have a carrot.” she poofed one out of her hands and gave it to the odd looking bunny then continued searching, searching for a new home. 4 hours go by as she suddenly gets distracted. “Such beautiful lights” In awe approaching a lovely city. Her gaze slowly rose as she looked at a lit up billboard sign of a Vtuber. “That's how. . .that's how I would like to live!” she excitedly exclaimed. “My newest dream, my new purpose.” she smiled then suddenly heard a crumple behind her, realizing the odd bunny had followed her. “You must’ve gone miles? How are you so fast?” The bunny unexpectedly morphs into a human being with bunny features. “It's nothing honestly,” said the bunny. “Oh so you're not exactly normal I see.” —- “Well I would appreciate some privacy” “that's it?” said the bunny. “Well what do you want me to ask you? To get a coffee?” said sana. “You know now that I think about it that actually might be nice but YOU’RE paying for it.” said sana “instead I could show you around?” said the bunny. “Alright fine, what's your name? Mine is Sana.” said sana. “Soul.” said the bunny. They explore the entire city of japan and get many snacks along the way, laughter filled the air as they started to get along. As the night becomes darker and the lights become richer, Sana knows she has to focus on her quest and dream to become someone everyone will love and enjoy. She finds her newly found home (with her new best friend soul) and casts her magic (all items required to stream) and hits go live.

A new journey begins.

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