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Sai Lumuy

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Sai a Novice bartender and virtual Youtuber and streamer who want's to make peoples day a bit better than what they are feeling.

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1920 a massive tragedy struck the world’s economy as various businesses and stock markets began plummeting men and women of the middle and lower class, left and right, were losing their jobs while the more wealthy and successful businessmen and women were secured financially.

But even they weren't safe from the coming events of the great melancholy as time goes by, in the shadows of it all both local and foreign gangs, mafia and cartels began rising up causing havoc from selling illegal dangerous products to territorial wars that almost rendered the streets of Middle Haven and Lower haven almost inhabitable to the residents of each respective area until 1923.

between the span of 1920 to1923 despite all odds and chaos, some people of Haven found ways to rid of their troubles, some produce cheap alcohol that is sold to the masses with them also indulging said drink, while others performed for the people in a hidden basement via singing, dancing, amusing skits and telling jokes. 

in the mid of that year, another event began the revitalization of magic that many believe to have either disappeared or was just mere myth, with the return of magic a war began, but not between countries and such but the inhabitants of middle and lower haven against the many gangs, mafia, and cartels that plague their home.

The war lasted from mid-1923 to 1929, buildings collapse, corpses littered the streets both residents of lower and middle haven and criminals of haven. Many wonder what the authorities have been doing in those past 6 years? nothing the wealthy people of High haven bought and demanded them to close its borders and turn a blind eye, as the people both good and evil slaughtered one another.

But all good things must come to an end for the wealthy that is, for at the close of 1929 in the cold winter evening the war has ended only one injured young man wearing a blood-stained cloak as it swayed alongside the winter wind Standing atop of the remains of a skyscraper. The young man took one deep breath before exhaling as he overlook the now ruins of Lower and Middle Haven, reliving the days of before the great melancholy and the war between the residents and criminals, he alone was the only surviving resident only alive using a darker and forbidden form of magic. 

Necromancy, raising his head and revealing his facial features one being half of his skull visible with an empty eye socket and the other being deathly pale with dark brown eye, he took another deep breath he begins one last spell, a powerful one at that "emoh ruo fo sreidlos sa tsap sremrofrep erew seno, llac ym reah sedarcom nellef." he began with a soft yet shaky voice as the first chant began gathering souls of the fallen, souls of various colors spiraling around him as he then says the second chant.

"eye dnilb a benrut taht seno eht ot ecnamrofrep lanif rou tcane ot emit si ti." he starts panting as he finishes the second chant, The souls stop spiraling around him and started assimilating just a few feet above his head the souls quietly yet still audible to the human ear moaned in pain as they continue to merge into one being. The young necromancy then took one final deep breath and chanted the last chant "ecnamrofrep lanif fo ynomerec, eno emoceb lla su tel emoc, yfetas dna trofmoc ni tas elihw dereffus ew sa." 

And with the final chant finished his soul left his body and joined the rest, the large mass of soul began glowing brighter and brighter until it was noticeable in the windows of High Haven, some of its residents grew curious while others did not care.

The glowing abruptly stops as the floating mass of souls was now replaced by a floating young man that wore clothing similar to that of a bartender, standing at 5'8 in height with dark hair and pale skin, his glowing brown eyes look directly at high Haven. It took a deep breath before eerily float towards the last Sections of Haven City, the weather began to change from the once clear winter night into a dangerous blizzard, the corpses that littered the streets arise from their sleep. 

Grabbing anything they can use as a weapon, from old broken wood and pipes to guns and knives that were carried by members of the criminal factions of haven, rattling of bones could be heard throughout the once silent winter night, moaning and groaning of the recently decease could also be heard as they have comeback from their resting place as zombies or undead.

That night was filled to the brim with the screams of terror and the dying of the high status and people of high haven which would then be named as the winter night slaughter of high Haven, and Desolation of Haven City. And the current whereabouts of the entity that ended high havens were unknown.

5 years after the desolation of haven city and the winter night slaughter of high Haven, the rest of the world knew what happened within the city through words of travelers who would pass by the city, specially what happens in lower haven. War between its citizens, gangs, mafia, cartel and at times an all out war-zone but despite all that the people found ways to be happy, it was why many wondered how all of its people were found dead some theorize it was an aftermath of a final clash between the people who live in lower haven.

Some blame the winter that came and all of its people died of the cold that was unnatural in nature, specially the night when the slaughter of High Haven took place and some believe it was the doing of a vengeful wraith and those who did believe were not far from the truth, a truth that they will never truly know for the entity committed the slaughter of high haven. Far away from any signs of civilization within the mountains of twilight peaks.

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