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Sae Katell is a virtual being who start their activity on March 2020 as VStremer and on August 2020 on Youtube.

Sae goes on lives and videos related to the environment, folklore, singing and visual arts.

Artist, she creates many illustrations related to the world of V-tubers. She is also a jack-of-all-trades in visual arts: from time to time she shares very diversified live crafting (knitting, engraving and pyrography, sewing, sculpture etc.).

She likes to put forward solutions around Zero Waste and tutorials to reduce your environmental impact.

Sae is aware of the accessibility of their content for people with disabilities. As a result, her videos and lives are systematically subtitled in French and English. She is currently learning sign language.

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Sae is the spirit of a cat lost in the french forest Brocéliande. They are in couple with the elf vtuber Nano and their technical producer/best friend is the archimage Vivali Lombe. Their mother is called "Grandmother Willow" and their father "The Placid Madalorian". It is known that she has a little cat brother yet to be discovered by the community.

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