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Ryzeer2, otherwise known as Ryze, is an English speaking Alien Dragon Vtuber. He spends most streams doing various games, primarily Nintendo, Art, and reading Economic literature to his chat. He is an ongoing Economics Student who began streaming after being inspired by Juniper Actias and her first redebut.

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From the ancient planet Dromaos, the native species of Dromaeons reigned supreme. Coming from the harshest environment in the universe, life somehow managed to thrive, and allow them to adapt to the various ills that plagued their world. Eventually, led by their Queen, Dromaeons began an interplanetary conquest on new worlds for new land and new resources.

Among these was the top of the class, Ryzeer. With a 99.9% success rate, Ryze was able to decimate the apex life on multiple planets to make way for his kin to reign and ravage entire solar systems. Despite this however, he slipped up once, with a little planet now known as Earth. Unable to properly adapt to the massive amounts of oxygen, one of the key components to his fire arm abilities, he hurtled toward the planet at a a great rate, crashing and decimating the whole world, rendering it useless, and all the current reptilian life that had dominated it extinct.

Despite his mistake, Ryze was to his confusion spared by the Queen, under one condition. To never leave Earth, or else suffer the consequences. Confined to his new home, Ryze slept for many years, awakening at the era of humanity. Seeing such a frail weak species managing to work it's way to such dominance bewildered the planet conqueror, and he began to become fixated on the small hairless apes. Eventually, this obsession led him to condensing his whole form down to that of a human's, barring some, jarring inconsistencies...

He now has gained internet access, and is attempting to find many humans to befriend and learn from, and maybe discover that his species' way of life may have not been the most efficient method after all.

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