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Ryuu is a trilingual metamorphic vtuber: Spanish, English and Galician. As a versatile shapeshifter, Ryuu adopts He/She pronouns and simulcasts on Kick and Twitch.

With an unmatched passion for gaming, from relaxed just chatting to intense shooting games and captivating role-playing games, Ryuu puts on a diverse show.

His genuine love of horror (unrequited) adds a touch of humor to his streams.

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In the shadows of a secret city, where metamorphs dance between two worlds, a tradition imposed the adoption of a hybrid form, half human and half dragon, for all its inhabitants. This ancestral rite aimed to forge a collective identity, but for Ryuu, it was a prison binding his feline instincts, unleashing uncontrollable transformations.

At the crossroads of his adolescence, Ryuu's sadness morphed into anger. He chose to free himself from draconian constraints and, with a bold gesture, cut off the horns sprouting from his dragon form. He left the city, carrying with him the blend of feline traits that had always characterized him.

Exiled and stripped of his identity, Ryuu wandered through unknown lands, more beast than human. His destiny led him to a welcoming village where an unexpected passion enveloped him: gambling. Under the guidance of a wise elder, Ryuu fell in love with the art of gaming, turning it into his livelihood.

The fame of the young metamorph spread rapidly; his cunning and almost animalistic presence earned him a reputation in casinos worldwide. However, success drew suspicion from establishments that, concerned about potential losses, closed their doors to Ryuu.

Without his refuge in the gambling world, Ryuu drifted again, bitterness as his only companion. Yet, there was a glimmer of hope, a faint flame seemingly restoring his life. But warmth turned into a fierce storm, violently reminding him of old wounds.

With a heart hardened by betrayal, Ryuu returned to his home, the Panther's Leap Casino, opening the doors to his own realm of games and risks. Although memories and horns resurfaced as shadows from the past, Ryuu chose to face the present with clenched teeth, one eye and the determination of a feline on the hunt.

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