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Ryry is a female independent Virtual YouTuber primarily dedicated to crafting english long-play walkthrough videos on YouTube. She specializes in playing variety of cute and cozy games, but beware, as chaos is often part of the package. While she enjoys watching horror video games she adamantly refuses to play them herself, admitting she'd hit Alt + F4 as soon as she starts the game. She is also a huge fan of JRPGs and occasionally uploads videos of herself playing multiplayer games with friends.

She has a strong affection for full cream milk and Coca-Cola. Additionally, she shares a deep bond with her beloved partner, a deer doll named Dung-Dung.

Those who stick around until the end of her videos often find themselves drawn to her infectious energy. However, proceed with caution - her enthusiasm can make any game seem irresistible, potentially leading to additions to your wishlist. Only watch if you're prepared to risk expanding your game collection!

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Ryry, a vampire, wakes to a curious predicament: lying in an already open coffin, with no recollection of her past or identity. Thus begins her journey through the human world, driven by a deep desire to uncover her past and find her place in the world. Along the way, she discovers something remarkable—a beverage she believes to be the pinnacle of human invention: full cream milk.

Her love for milk leads her to open her own café, a place where she can enjoy her favorite drink to her heart's content. Her café opens its doors at night, welcoming creatures of the dark seeking refuge and warmth. With the help of an unexpected ally—a deer spirit she once saved—Ryry breathes life into her nocturnal haven.

In the quiet embrace of her café, amidst the soft hum of conversation and the aroma of brewed memories, Ryry finds peace. Here, she is not alone. Her journey, though shrouded in mystery, is illuminated by the bonds she forms and the solace she discovers in the company of others.

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