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Ryoma Kirihara

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Ryoma Kirihara is a lone, draghuman wanderer VTuber from the windy valley. He may be a human, but he is born of a hybrid half-human, half dragon race, as his father a human race, while his mother a dragon race. Despite he may be a strict draghuman, he is a kind-hearted, stoic, and sometimes being called as older brother (nii-san) within the community. He mostly streaming as wandering in Youtube around 2-3 times a week, with a variety of activities, and sometimes chatting while accompanied by his viewers (which he calls them "DragComrades/Ryozoku"). He is also challenging to explore new area, improving skills, and creating contents in the future.

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A draghuman wanderer who is wandering throughout every realm in order to find answers. Since he was little, his parents always back home from traveling and storytelling during their journey in the vast world. Then, as he reached 30 years old, both of his parents are missing, due to the long-traveling, and their whereabouts are unknown till now. Many years has passed, his body does not age, due to his mother's dragon genetic traits, and he is now 128 years old even though his body age is a young 20's. Since then, he continue to train himself and preparation, as he begins his wandering to find his parents whereabouts, finding answers, meeting new comrades, overcoming destiny, widen his world view.

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