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Roanoke Cadenza

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Roanoke is an English vtuber who mainly streams on Twitch and uploads VRoid tutorials on Youtube. He is also part of a podcast named Scuff Guild, previously named V-SCUFFED. He streams variety of games. He is also fond of fighting games, particularly the Tekken series.

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Roanoke Cadenza claims to be a time traveler from a time 2,000 years ahead from the present. He came to the future and came to our present because the 'future sucks'.

In his timeline, mankind has left Earth and lives in space colonies named Sides.

He is accompanied by his AI daughters; Creuset, the shoulder length, brown haired girl, Luce, a taller girl sporting a lazy blue mohawk, and June, a twin tailed white haired happy girl.

He seems to be able to change his appearance often but he mentions it is a side effect of time traveling, altering his appearing to his alternate versions of himself uncontrollably. He has changed into a incubus, nun, succubus, angel, many of these often feminine or female.

Roanoke has also mentioned his time machine being a giant mecha that is broken due to crash landing to the current timeline. No images of the mecha/time machine has been shown yet.

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