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Rina Marina

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Rina is a Filipino-American Angel Shark VTuber and VStreamer. She is a variety streamer with interests in games across many genres, from story games, rpgs, puzzle games, rhythm games, and more! She is very chatty, as her favorite part of streaming is getting to talk with and share stories with chat. She has a very upbeat, lively, and energetic personality.

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Rina Marina is an upbeat and cheerful angel shark with a lot of fascination and curiosity for the world around her. Rina had spent her whole life as princess of the sea, with her father ruling the great waters. She spent her time growing up studying and working hard so that she may be the best leader she can be when the time comes. Though she was grateful for the opportunities afforded to her with her status, there was no denying the toll it took on her to be entrusted with so much. The burnout had eventually consumed her. After much reflection and with the support of her loved ones, she decided to take a break from her royal duties to explore the world around her, make new connections, and see with her own eyes all that she had read about in stories and textbooks. And when she returns, she'll be sure to use her new worldly experience to guide her as the sea's eventual queen.

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