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Ren's a Niphilim (Half Angel/Demon) that loves to sing, voice act and stream games. I offer high chat interaction and singing that cause ears to bleed. He generally streams in English but occasionally streams in Malay with his friends. Expect singing, gaming and voice acting content from him.

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Ren was tasked to guard the bridge where the souls who had passed on to the afterlife would walk and be judged. He saw people who were content with their life but saw many more who were full of regret and negativity. Not able to just stand and watch, Ren would hear the stories of the souls that were full of negativity as a kind gesture and a final farewell for them. After a long time of doing so, Ren started to be corrupted by the negativity he was exposed to and the higher beings noticed this happening.

As such, He was sentenced to be thrown out of the higher realms and spend his life on Earth. He struggled early on with an imperfect form of being half angel and half demon as he was corrupted by the negativity. After a few years, He now is able to conceal his powers and corruption easily

When he first landed on Earth. Ren influenced a few individuals who are now his close companions. This being a tiny Chinchilla, a potato and cheese. This led to him establishing a land called Korin Kingdom which is now governed by the Chinchilla Queen as Ren left to wander around without aim.

While wandering around, Ren stumbled upon many lost kitten that had events influencing their life and decided to adopt them. He also found friends that consists of many types of species from penguins to sky entities and even green tigers. As such, he established a new place called Sanctuary which is now full of adopted kittens and friends that gives him company daily.

He continues to live his life as a VTuber that sings to share emotion, play games to entertain the crowds and many other things to appease the humans on Earth.

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