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Remilia Nephys

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Remilia Nephys (レミリア・ネフィス) is a Female English Virtual YouTuber and a member of Phase-Connect's second Generation "PhaseALIAS," alongside Chisaka Airi, Amanogawa Shiina, Himemiya Rie, Makina Erina, and Komachi Panko.

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Romilia is a young Nephilim whose mother an angel and whose father is the ruler of the Phase World's Underworld. Because of her mix of angelic and demonic blood, she was regred in a secluded environment as she was feared and treated as an outcast. She never had the joy of friendship that a child should have, and grew bored and lonely. Both her parents, as well as Heaven and Hell, rejected her, and she eventually decided to go, filled with █████ █████.

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