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Chaos demon v tuber, with the will of a fighter and warrior has never backed down from a fight, showing his battlefield fineness thought different time's in war, thought thought different time periods in his battles and dare to push above then most, strategizing his next move and 30 other moves a head of time some times for the best yet some times not. He him self looks more on the human side but with demon look, horns, claws, and much much more, as thought his time and thought his life, and many different battlefields he is one that wont give up even in the darkest of times, and always for a reason or per pus, that being the per pus of his own

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While sitting there on the thrown in the chaos realm, he sat there thinking hummm life does seem boring at the moment. so while he went to the book shelf picking out a book he knocked into the book shelf due to a miss step on his steps leading down to the library, where a book of portals knocked onto the floor opening up and creating a portal that he fell thought, that portal being sent into many different places in time and space, will he ever return to his domain or realm? Only time will tell, stay tuned to find out!

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