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A variety streamer creating content in English.

Redeyedarmor and their wearer, an elf named Chime, spend what free time they have playing RPGs and JRPGs with a focus more on enjoying casual play and cozy chats.

Their content is only intended for mature audiences.

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Redeyedarmor used to be a human armor-smith until a poor genie wish to have the strongest armor turned them into a set of cursed armor hidden away in a treasure chest.

Chime was a Forest Elf with dreams of making it big as a mage adventurer to where she could laze all day, munch on sweets and get up to lewd hijinks.

The two were bound by a fateful encounter when, on her first dungeon dive, Chime stumbled upon the chest containing the eye gem of the Red-Eyed Armor. She put it on and couldn't remove it. Now they spend their days working in their own smithy and having fun with friends.

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This VTuber has indicated that their content is intended for mature audiences.
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