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Rai Juri

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Rai is a Vtuber that streams via Twitch. A variety streamer that plays different games as it suits him, and a hobbyist artist. He prefers playing multiplayer games, but enjoys the occasional single player adventure if it's a game that strikes his fancy. His favorite game is Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

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There was once a world not too different from out own. A very similar set of historical events, but with two key differences. The first was that magic coexisted alongside science, though not nearly as powerful as many magical tales. The second difference was that this world had a deity; the goddess, Amenity. She watched over the world and the humans that inhabitated it. Though she would not directly interfere with them, there were people among the massess that could communicate with her. These people were called 'Scions'. They could be anyone, of any descent, of any class, no matter their background or heritage. They would hear her voice from a young age, and the Church of The Goddess would take these children in for a time to train them so that they may focus and channel this power so that they could become Scions, and speak on behalf of the Goddess. When the child turned eighteen, they would officially become a Scion.

Rai would be one of those children, having left home at ten years old to begin his training. All children hoped to be a Scion someday. It was considered an honorable thing, like a soldier going to war to protect their homeland. Rai was no different. Dreams of becoming a Scion and making his family proud filled him with hope. He worked dillegently, all the way up till a week before his eighteenth birthday. Then came that awful day. That day, by survivors, would be known as Gracefall.

Not a single Scion was able to communicate with the Goddess. It wasn't that they had lost their ability, rather it was like she had gone silent or been ignoring them. An entire week of nothing from her, until finally she returned. Her voice was different, it was shaky, unnerving, and unhinged. She laughed, only saying that she wondered how things would work now after this momentous day. A plague or virus of some kind overcame humanity causing countless many to get incredibly sick, and within days, about 80% of the human population had been wiped out. People falling over dead left and right, mass panic, pleading to the goddess to protect them followed by cursing the deity for forsaking them. Some speculated that her prolonged contact with humans tainted the pure goddess. Some thought that she was never benevolent to begin with. A few devout followers thought perhaps it was a trial for humanity to overcome.

Regardless, society crumbled. With such mass hysteria, panic, and grief, humanity was at an all time low. The world became like a wasteland, some nations having been wiped out in either the Gracefall itself, or the raging civil wars that followed. In some ways, those that had died on that day were probably luckier than the ones that survived.

Rai was not one of those 'lucky' people. He had been one of the few who would survive the virus. A rather interesting trait was that a Scion who survived the virus would be branded in a way; their hair would take on a streak of white, much like the goddess' own. Their powers of communication budded into something more, different for every Scion that managed to overcome the ordeal. Somehow, many Scions were blamed for the tragedy. Thoughts and rumors spread about how they perhaps knew of the oncoming plague and were granted special protection. Of course many Scions died, but that didn't stop the rumors. And so Scions went from behind held up on a pedastal to being mocked and treated like dirt, either run out of town or, in extreme cases, outright killed. In the days after his recover Rai raced home, running past the mayhem only to find that his entire family lay dead, succumbed to the sickness. He cursed the goddess along with the many others, but he took it a step further.

Rai vowed to kill her with his own two hands.

In the meantime, with the collapse of society, the world had turned into a dystopia. Rai had become a bounty hunter, taking bounties for the highest bidders regardless of their reasons. He had become somewhat infamous as a Scion that not only hunted others, but had planned to hunt the goddess herself. During one such mission, he'd find himself closing in on a target and chasing them into an alley. They ran through an open door, and when he had followed, the door had led to somewhere entirely different...

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