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Quitelovelypuzzles is a female wizard English vtuber who uses her magic to create art for viewers and commissioners. Her shows consist of doing artwork while explaining her flow in the process, all whilst trying to entertain her army of followers. Somedays she does free giveaways for art, on days like Thursday she hosts bingo-- and the winner get a free sketch!

"Join the hype train and learn how to draw along the way!"

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In a distant land, upon a distant mountain was a distant flower. One day from the budding bloom, a small Wizard sprouted and plopped upon the ground. Who she was or what she was simply a puzzling mystery yet to be solved-- all she knew was that she could do magic! Anything you can dream of she can bring to life; at least.... on paper!

Puzzles has spent many hours doing her craft, and she now plans to take over the world using her new friends and magic!

She hopes one day to make a world where everyone can follow their creative passions without the limitation of day-by-day life. Evil, right?

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