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QueenCosmicVT, also known as Queen Cosmic and/or Cosmic, is a female VTuber and self-proclaimed Queen of Stars, Goddess of Tea Parties. QueenCosmicVT is a variety streamer who focuses on streaming PC/Console games. She can also be found chatting with her viewers on the Just Chatting category. On the occasion, she likes to dabble in Art.

Birthday: November 1st

Age: Over a billion years old. Has been on Earth for 21 years.

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches.

QueenCosmicVT has yet to host a proper debut. Currently, she is undergoing a model change and has stated that her first official debut will be announced in the upcoming month.

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Upon the creation of the Universe, a lonesome pink star is born. For billions of years, this star sits prettily in the vast nothingness that is space, asleep for the majority of her seemingly immortal lifespan. That is, until she awoke.

In that instant, the pink star explodes into a supernova, destroying her little corner of the Universe. As the explosion dies down, in it's rubble remains a singular falling star, soaring throughout the Universe in a little pink flame. Eventually, said flame finds itself into the Milky Way and soon into a little solar system that houses the Earth, the planet she lands on.

In the middle of nowhere with only the knowledge of her name, Cosmic roams the Earth alone as a tiny pink flame. For years, Cosmic wanders the planet in hopes of figuring out a way of returning to Space; but as she travels, she begins to learn more about Earth and the beings known as humans that live there.

Cosmic finds herself gravitating towards various churches. She admires the dedication humans have towards these places and soon finds herself intrigued with the idea of angels, gods, and goddesses - specifically their looks.

Around her 18th year on Earth, after receiving enough love from the humans she would reveal herself to, Cosmic gains enough power to change her form. She takes the look of an angel but with her own Cosmic twist. In a burst of light, she sprouts pink hair, a pink dress, stars in her hair, and, of course, the iconic wings and halo.

In this new form, Cosmic finds it easier to converse with humans and in turn learns even more about the world that houses her being, including the concept of tea parties and streaming.

By now, Cosmic has learned that in order to gain more power, she needs to receive more love from humans. But how? Well, by holding a tea party on stream of course! With the internet at her fingertips, Cosmic decides that in order to receive more love, she needs to be seen and worshipped. So, using all of her learned Earth knowledge, she self-proclaims herself as the Queen of Stars, Goddess of Tea Parties, and begins hosting these elaborate streams on the internet in hopes of one day gaining enough energy to return back to Space in her true form: a star.

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