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Qilou (绮楼) was a VTuber part of VirtuaReal, NIJISANJI's Chinese Liver branch. She was part of the 13th wave, along with Joi, Tocci and Kiti. She is over 10,000 years old. Her birthday is on 23 January. She is an Aquarius. She is 165 cm tall in her human form. She is 2392 cm tall in her true form. Qilou is the name of her species. She debuted on 9 May 2021.

On 9 May 2022, her first debut anniversary, Qilou retired from VirtuaReal after an announcement made by the staff on her behalf stated that "due to health-related causes, she had forever left [this world].", meaning she had died. Qilou's fellow 137 members also released a cover of "Virtual to LIVE" to commemorate her.

Qilou's bilibili page.

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Right now in front of you is the clan leader of Liubo Mountain, running rampant in the world for myriads and as equally infamous as the Four Perils passed through legend; the wolf-headed, lion-bodied, tiger-tailed three-headed beast. The king of deception; the great master that gathered the power of every lie; concealing past secrets through skill of deception; the thorn in Bai Ze’s side; able to cover the eighteen eyes of the enlightened beast; the fish that slipped through the net of "Shan Hai Jing"; the bane of all the world’s monster codexes; an unusual beast born in an enchanting mirage of lies- "Young Lady" Qilou.

Although what you see is just an extraordinarily graceful young lady, she is indeed a young lady of peerless youth, but not always. Even if the other two heads are temporarily gone, this is still an ancient three-in-one existence, and every time a different one of the three sisters may be deceiving you. Isn't this profitable?

According to "Young Lady" Qilou's own words, she absolutely did not join VirtuaReal to deceive people more efficiently, nor to gather more lies to enhance her own strength, and definitely not out of envy of Qiongqi, Taotie and such old acquaintances famous from long ago trying to draw out their popularity, only to pass her excess time, that's all.

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