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He is a Sorcerer Vtuber. Defender of the Isekai genre, with a Channel about Fantasy & manga stories.

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Proyeartal (Proye) is a wizard who comes from another dimension called GAY (pronounced "gɑːɪ") where wizards live. Before reaching the human world, He passed through the Nesiah, a world where there are dwarfs, without noses, who have two large pits on their faces and they forget everything.

His sorcerer body did NOT resist its journey to the human world. And only his skeleton and some of his magical essence arrived. He also lost his memory and only has small memories of his past life. However, his bones covered in magical energy were able to stand up. How did he get up? He is not sure, perhaps it was the contact his bones made with the land of Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) or with the tree of life. Thanks to the fact that he made his hat with the skin of the last unicorns that he saw in the human world, it is that He can have the form of a living human. But when he takes it off he goes back to being the same old skeleton. From here on his story many crazy things happened, about where He took refuge in the flood, how he became friends with Ashmaday the goblins' king, how he helped many human tribes about to die of hunger and after how he abandoned all of them when they proclaimed him as their god, etc. In total he has been in the human world for 5783 years, they gave him various names throughout history. but now he uses the name Proyeartal. Since he helped a European barbarian tribe after several years of bad luck, having their first prosperous year (ProYear). In memory of that year of abundance, wealth and blessing. To put it this way: from such a prosperous year, of those that come and go, he uses the name Proyeartal... but you can call him Proye, it's easier for everyone.

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