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Prince Anarchy is a British Transman, who loves horror, writing, singing at random points on stream and terrifying himself with horror games. Anarchy has the inability to take a compliment without blushing and not getting overwhelmed. He plays a multitude of different genres of games but most notably story-rich and horror have a striking theme in his streams.

Prince Anarchy co-hosts a fortnightly podcast - The Black Market Bagel Society - with fellow VStreamer, PastelVT every other Wednesday. As well as a weekly stream by the name of Stardew Saturday with a streamer friend.

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Prince Anarchy is the crowned Elf Prince of the Pumpkin Kingdom. The Pumpkin Kingdom is found folded away in worlds unknown and protected by the magic of fae and mother nature. Not much is known about where Anarchy comes from only that he refers to our world - this world - as the Mundane Realm/World.

Anarchy came to the Mundane World by pure chance, before being trapped in this world with no way of getting back to his own world. To pass the time, he plays streams games and tries befriending as many as he can!

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