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Poodros is a Virtual Youtuber mostly focused on variety "budget" gaming content, making content mostly in English but also in Spanish. While he mostly uploads long-form videos, he also does stream 2 times a week both on YouTube and Twitch, covering games such as, but not limited to, Minecraft, Risk of Rain 2, Project Zomboid, Phasmophobia and many Roblox Games.

Besides gaming, he also holds a weekly chatting stream every friday and also does share occasional videos showcasing his level design work for a Roblox-based First Person Shooter Phantom Forces.

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He has not fully disclosed his lore publicly in a detailed manner, instead choosing to drop occasional bits and pieces of the story. According to him, he woke up one night and found a mysterious sinkhole in a farmfield he owned. Curious about its nature, he decided to study it by tossing objects down the hole, only to never hear them touch the bottom. The objects thrown eventually grew bigger and then live cattle followed, but the results were always the same.

Seeking to solve the mystery definitively, he then decided to jump into the hole himself, leaving his family behind in the process. After that, he discovered he was now stranded in what he now refers to as "The Void", a metaphysical space that he describes as "the origin of reality itself".

10 years in the void later, he has now taken to making things on the internet, using a laptop he found, in hopes of, one day, being rescued, waiting in captivity within a "Voidcell", the warden of which is the "Almighty Voidling, Watcher of the Abyss"

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