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Pom Pastel

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Pom is a spoiled catboy VTuber/VStreamer who primarily streams horror game content, although is planning on branching out to karaoke, ASMR, and possibly cooking streams.

He is an English speaking VTuber from England, who is out as both bisexual and transgender.

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A baby left on the doorsteps of a dingy orphanage, Pom was greatly mistreated growing up for his animalistic features, to the point he wasn't even given a name. Emotional stability is hinted to be low to nonexistant in childhood, as he ended up lashing out and injuring the only friend he'd ever had for no real reason other than irritation.

At 15, Pom as adopted by the rich couple who would give him a name. He was taken to a large, expensive mansion and showered with both gifts and love. Two years later, at 17, Pom's adoptive father passed away. Publically and to the family, it was reported as a driving accident. However, in his suspicion, Pom did some digging and discovered that he was murdered.

Enraged, Pom tracks down the people who killed his father and brutally murders them with tooth and claw. Surprisingly enough, this seemed to make Pom both stabler and happier. He went on to dye his black hair pink, wear pink contents over his one blue and one white-blind eye. He worked out, changed his style, and eventually began his journey into streaming. For fun!

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