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QueenLily is a Vtuber with a mix of reality. Variety gamer, knows a couple of languages, loves to sing as well as a self taught artist (chibi style art).

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Once upon a time, she was just a normal girl walking the same path as she always did. As she got home, she had her big meal but something didn't feel right... she thought "oh maybe its just stomachache I'll just sleep it off". She dreamt but was it really a dream? No it was real, her dream of being Royalty has began. She wakes up normally like she does but when she checks the mirror, "wait.. when did I- erm wait cat ears? Nani wait what was that woah" she said to herself. She looks around her, "woah my room wait this isn't a dream". She softly pitchs herself. "~ow~ Wait this isnt a dream." Then she hears a yell "QUEEN!" She paused. "Wait what, who?" As a knight stood in front of her, "Your Majesty." She didn't know how she felt but she just went with all this still maybe thinking this whole thing as a dream, nothing big but if a dream hopefully she will wake up.

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