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Peoplers is a female vtuber who makes content in English.

She is Scottish and mainly makes content on twitch doing variety streams.

She streams for fun, friendship and new fanatical cult members. Welcoming everyone to the Totally Not A Cult, so long as they follow the rules like every good cultist should.

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Peoplers doesnt really know how the cult started, however its definitely not actually a cult and nobody should worry. Unless cults get religious exempts from taxes and then it is most definitely a cult. A chilled cult leader who loves to introduce her cultists to everything she enjoys but is also willing to let in the illusion of democracy on occasion. Who or what exactly the cult worships is unknown except to those at the very top, most believe its some sort of Eldritch Being given the Leaders love for tentacles, though it could equally be RNGesus or any other gamer god. There are even those who whisper that the leader is not in fact the leader but her pet cat Mia is, given that the leader constantly give in to the demands of this creature and has her life ruled over by her it may not be far from the truth.

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