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Peach is a variety English streamer and artist primarily focusing on art and video games, she has a very cozy vibe and focuses on making streams that range from relaxing to semi hype so everyone can enjoy! She has semi strict rules to keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable in her streams so you can always feel safe to chat without fear of being attacked. She does her best to interact with everyone in chat that joins and tries to get to know her community well, focusing on a friendly, fun atmosphere her goal is to make each stream feel like sitting down in a living room with your friends playing games and hanging out.

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Peach was a lesser demon in Hell, but due to her lazy, sleepy nature she ended up never doing the work needed to become more powerful as a demon. She ended up fleeing hell to avoid getting put on office duty and filing the paperwork of the recently deceased. Due to her being so lazy and avoiding work she was very weak and could only take the form of a hamster. As she got more care from her owners she began to be able to shift into a semi human hamster girl, now she streams when her owners are at work to get money for snacks and command a more powerful army of minions through gaining followers on Twitch. Her goal is to take over the world by creating a powerful ghoul gang out of her followers and by doing the least amount of work possible.

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