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PanDuh is a Lunar/Celestial Fox Goddess EN VTuber with Full Moon (Light) and New Moon (Dark) forms. PanDuh created "PanDuh shrine" (social media channels) in order to help humans as well as gain followers to be accepted as a goddess!

PanDuh is a awkward & friendly VTuber/VStreamer that usually plays games, reacts & chats. She's usually open to any game to play but usually MMO/RPGs, PvE/PvP, Survival, Open World, Horror/Scary, Puzzles/Board Games, Nintendo and Cozy. She LOVES hilarious videos to watch - as well as cute/wholesome. She loves to laugh and have a good time. She is looking to be friends/collab with everyone & anyone!

Will you join PanDuh shrine?

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PanDuh was created as a Lunar/Celestial Fox Goddess who has powers of the moon and tails that blanket the skies which give birth to new stars. Something peculiar happened during her creation... Her form split into two. She has a Full Moon (Light) form and a New Moon (Dark) form that changes based on her heartrate and emotions. The other gods were disgusted by this. They thought her blood was tainted! PanDuh was then after banished from the god realm straight to the human realm. PanDuh noticed all of the negativity and suffering that is going on there and compared it to her own despair. She decided to create PanDuh shrine in order to help the humans with blessings and escapes from the pain from society as well as gain followers to be accepted as a goddess!

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