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Blossom is a female English-speaking variety streamer on twitch. Her avatar is an Albino Virginia Opossum. She streams most types of games but has a preference for retro and JRPG. Her fans are called "The Posse."

Birthday: 6/10

Artist: new_chigusa

Rigger: hanachxu

Emoji: 🌸🎀

Faith: Catholic

Personality: Blossom is a bakadere. She is known to be loud, energetic, and cheerful. Although most of her content is lighthearted, she sometimes will take a more serious approach. She is very passionate about mental health awareness and likes to spread information to help others understand. She herself has spoken about her struggle with various mental illness and disabilities quite often.


On December 31st 2020 Blossom started creating guides for the MMO, Guild Wars 2. A game that she stated originally was intended to be the majority of streamed content on her channel. These guides attracted quite a bit of attention and spurred growth. She has also created guides for the 3D modeling program Vroid Studio. With the hopes that it would help others make their own vtuber models.

On April 2021 Blossom debuted her new model made by ArgamaWitch. A 3d Vroid model. This model would be her main model which later received new outfits, hairstyles, and upgrades. This model was retired with the reveal of her Live2D model on March 1st 2024.

In May of 2022 Blossom started “Mental Health May,” a series of 5 informational videos on various mental illness and disabilities that she herself suffers from. The goal being to spread understanding and information on these mental conditions.

As stated by Blossom, her father passed away of a heart attack in December of 2019. In honor of him she hosts a Father’s Day charity stream every year and has raised a total of over 3000$ for The Heart Foundation since starting this tradition. She has also raised over $200 for the Gamers Outreach charity.

Blossom has hosted two subathons. The first being a 24 hour 1K celebration subathon lasting from September 25th to September 27th. The second being a 10 hour subathon on March 1st in celebration of her new Live2D model.


Her fans have a long running joke that she is a mouse, rat, or other animal instead of being an opossum. Even going so far as to rewrite her lore for her, making her a mouse/rat that was experimented on and now thinks she is an opossum.

Another long running joke is that Blossom is rich. Often calling her the 1% despite her disagreement.

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Blossom is an opossum who made a wish to become human. She has the power to change anyone who follows her into an opossum.

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