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Opa Xas

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Opa Xas is an independent French VTuber / VStreamer. She streams mainly on Twitch. She is transgender and identifies as female.

Opa Xas is mostly multi-gaming on several different games. Her main interests seem to be new technologies and virtual reality, as well as a great passion for adventure / role-playing games.

Opa Xas' avatar reflects her explosive and atypical personality. Indeed, she's an energetic person who doesn't hesitate to interact with her community - her "chooms", as she calls them. Because she's interested in everything, she sometimes has quite in-depth discussions with her community on various subjects.

Diagnosed with Autism (Asperger's), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), she can sometimes react in unusual ways to the events she faces.

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ACT I: The megalopolis of Opa City is dominated by ruthless corporations who keep the citizens under their yoke, with the help of ubiquitous surveillance technology and a militarized police force. The dark alley was filled with neon lights and suspended cables, typical of Opa City's low-rise neighborhoods. Metallic punk music echoed in the air, fueled by a nearby bar. It was here that Opa Xas sat, her still-human skin reflecting the artificial lights of the city. Opa hadn't been born with cat ears or a tail, but her radical choices had led her down this path. She'd had bionic ears implanted after an accident, not out of necessity, but as an aesthetic and symbolic choice. Then she added a tail, also mechanical. Each modification was for her a form of rebellion against a society that sought to confine her to well-defined boxes. But this was only the beginning of her transformation. Fascinated by the potential of technology, Opa began to replace parts of her body. She swapped her arms for chromium-plated prostheses, capable of feats far beyond human capacity. Her legs followed, enabling her to leap from rooftop to rooftop and run at incredible speeds. Skin was the final and most radical step. She replaced her organic envelope with a layer of shimmering chrome. This metallic skin reflected the city around her, making her almost invisible under certain conditions. She felt the cold of the metal, a strange sensation, but at the same time exciting. Opa had become a living mirror of the cyberpunk city, an embodiment of its cold beauty and chaos. Opa Xas's silhouette, gleaming with chrome, stood out against the dark shadows of Opa City. His passion for metal and rock was not only palpable in his music, but also in his all-metal body. Every night, Opa logged on to "StreamNet", Opa City's largest streaming platform. His broadcasts were an eclectic mix of live concerts, debates on cybernetics and denunciations of the corporations that ruled the city. His voice, a mixture of husky and metallic, mesmerized millions of listeners. One of Opa's strengths was her ability to connect authentically with her fans. She openly shared her past struggles, her hopes for a better future, and her belief that cybernetics could be used to liberate humanity rather than subjugate it. She denounced the corporations that exploited technology to enslave the population, and spoke of her vision of a city where each individual would have control of his or her own destiny. Her streams were punctuated by immersive animations, concert holograms and video clips. She showed direct actions, where her Chooms sabotaged corporate facilities, freed prisoners from jail and organized underground street parties. The corporations saw her as a growing threat. They tried to discredit her by calling her a terrorist and a threat to public order. But this only increased her popularity. Street kids saw her as a hero, and more and more people joined her cause. To rally even more people, Opa organized a big event: a live concert on StreamNet, with renowned guests from the rock and punk scene. The aim: to use music as a means of subversion. During the concert, she broadcast encrypted messages giving instructions for a series of coordinated actions against the corporations. On D-Day, as millions of people logged on, a series of explosions rang out across Opa City. Data centers were sabotaged, corporate propaganda broadcasts hacked, and huge graffiti images of Opa appeared on skyscraper facades. Opa's concert marked a turning point. The people of Opa City realized that resistance was possible and that freedom was within their grasp. The corporations, disoriented, lost their grip on the city. With an ever-growing army of Chooms and the unwavering support of the citizens, Opa Xas was determined to take back Opa City and create a new world where technology would serve all, not just an elite. And through her music, her streams and her chrome rebellion, she was well on the way to succeeding.

ACT II: In the bowels of Opa City's Nether District, Opa Xas was at the height of her glory. With her chrome skin glistening under the city's fluorescent neon lights, she was a vision both frightening and magnificent. Every night, thousands tuned in to her streams, captivated by her charisma and fiery speeches about freedom and the fight against oppressive corporations. However, despite her determination to overthrow the powerful, Opa had a weak spot: her addiction to cybernetics. What had started out as a small modification here and there to improve her performance had turned into an obsession. Every day, she searched for the next upgrade, the next piece of technology that would make her stronger, faster, more resistant. One day, as she was having a new chip installed to boost her cognitive abilities, a digital intruder made its way through the firewalls of her neural system. It was the "SoulKiller", a daemon known for its ability to gradually erase all humanity from its victims, turning them into cyberpsychos. At first, the effects were subtle. Opa felt more distant, less empathetic towards the people around her. Her once impassioned speeches were now filled with cold, calculated rage. She began to see human beings as obstacles, resources to be exploited. The Chooms, her devoted followers, were alarmed by her erratic behavior. She became more aggressive, giving orders without emotion, treating her close allies as mere pawns. As cyberpsychosis took over, part of the old Opa was still struggling. Deep inside her, a flame resisted, recalling moments when punk music thrilled her, when camaraderie with the Chooms counted more than anything. Opa's inner battle did not go unnoticed. Kiera, her closest ally and a talented hacker, discovered the SoulKiller in her system. Although the task was risky, Kiera was determined to save her friend. She hatched a daring plan to infiltrate the daemon and purge it from Opa's system. At the heart of the virtual confrontation, Kiera navigated the digital labyrinth of Opa's brain, directly confronting the SoulKiller. The battle was fierce, but Kiera's determination prevailed. With a deft maneuver, she succeeded in isolating and destroying the daemon, freeing Opa from its grip. When Opa awoke, she was exhausted, but the familiar gleam of rebellion was back in her eyes. Although her body was mostly mechanical, her soul remained human, and she had been brought back to this reality by friendship and loyalty. The battle against SoulKiller had been won, but the war for Opa City's freedom had only just begun. This episode reinforced Opa's determination and the solidarity between the Chooms, proving that together they could stand up to any force, whether physical or digital.

Act III: One night, during an operation to free hostages held by a mega-corporation, Opa comes across an ancient hologram. It depicts a man, old but strong, who bears a striking resemblance to Opa. The hologram turns out to be the will of his grandfather, the founder of Opa City. He explains that the city was meant to be a sanctuary for free thinkers and innovators, but has been corrupted by the corpos. In a shocking revelation, he states that Opa was abandoned by her parents, who had fallen under the influence of the corporations. They considered her a "defect" because of her genetic predisposition to rebellion, a characteristic they deemed undesirable in their family, which was supposed to be an elite of society. With this new revelation, Opa is torn. She hates the corporations even more for destroying her family, but she also feels a connection to her grandfather, the only family she's ever known. After discovering the hologram, Opa conducts extensive research into her grandfather and the origins of Opa City. She discovers that the city was founded on principles of freedom, innovation and resistance to conformity. But over the years, the corporations have infiltrated the city's governance, turning it into a cyberpunk dystopia under their control. The reason Opa bears the name becomes clear: her grandfather wanted his legacy and ideals to live on through her, hoping that she would one day lead the resistance against the corporations.

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