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Nyxie Ifrit Sisko-Sinclair (Nyxie) is a pureblood vampire (born a vampire, not turned from a human) Vtuber who started her journey in November 2020! She is a chaotic yet wholesome gremlin of a vampire with a warm heart.

Nyxie became a VTuber because she wants humans and vampires to coexist and believes that by befriending humans from a safe distance and educating them of her kind, she can save the future of her species. She found she can do this from the safety of her realm by Vtubing and is now entertaining humans with her silly personality, love of anime, wholesome character & lewd jokes & comments

She streams MON | TUE | WED | THU @ 1PM GMT over on Twitch & is active on Twitter!

She also discovered YouTube & Tiktok for her content however she has not yet worked out how to use this technology

In addition Nyxie has a Discord server which connects her followers to her Dark Kingdom which is where she can truly connect with humankind.

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This is the story of a pureblood vampire unlike any you’ve met before. Born from a family of powerful and mighty blood sucking descendants.

Despite not being truly affected by sunlight because of the exorbitant amount of power that granted her immunity, she always preferred feeding in darkness… It was because of this that she became known as “Nyxie”, meaning night. Her reflection can’t be seen in mirrors. There aren’t many downsides to Nyxie’s powers, being unaffected by crucifixes and having the ability to shape shift.

She was crowned Queen of ‘The Dark Kingdom’, a realm of her own design created for her to live peacefully away from the danger of vampire hunters and the church during the middle ages, many centuries ago. The citizens of this realm are beings of pure chaos, born from the raw and unchecked emotions she’s felt ever since her parents were viciously murdered by vampire hunters after she was born. But despite the great suffering humans put her through and unlike many of her own kind, Nyxie is a firm believer that humans and vampires can co-exist if they cared enough to understand each other, and for this reason she chooses not to kill when she feeds and is unwilling to turn humans into vampires unless they agree to an ancient ritual where a human would have to drink Nyxie's own blood if she willingly offers it.

Desperate to save the future of her species and connect with humans while staying safe Nyxie searched for an answer, a way to prove to them that her intentions were good and that there was no danger in befriending her kind. As she was about to give up hope she heard a voice coming from her computer,, and that was when she found out about Vtubers, virtual people of all kinds of species who stream across multiple platforms without the fear of people judging them for being different, and she instantly knew that she had found the answer she was looking for...

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