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NullO (RainbowBrigo_P)



"Salulu kaj bonvenon~! Care to join me on this journey of creativity?" NullO (nu-LLOH) is a variety Virtual Creator who's love of all things creative and artsy transcends space and time. From music, art, and everything in-between, the possibilities of creativity are endless in NullO's eyes. As they would say:

"It's about the journey, not just the destination"

NullO speaks multiple languages and is continuously learning more. They currently speak English, Japanese, Esperanto, Tagalog, and Spanish. They hope to one day connect with other like-minded souls through collaborations of all kinds.

"Let's grow the Soul Friends community together !"

NullO is part of the independent multi-media project called RainbowBriĝoプロジェクト (Rainbow BREE_gee-o Project), or RainbowBrigo_P for short. A creative project that celebrates the freedom and expression of raw creativity, their vision is to ignite the sparks of inspiration and creativity to those that seek it through online activities and uniquely unconventional creative projects while maintaining an open-minded, welcoming, and chill environment within their community.

RainbowBrigo_P is a project run by one individual with the soul urge to create and share their works to the world all the while balancing real life responsibilities, a challenge they have chosen to accept in the name of creation.

Lore Edit

A dormant soul awakens from a long slumber in a place called "Nebula of Creation". A mysterious voice appears out of nowhere and tells them to "Remember" and "Create", bestowing them a name: "NullO". With no clear recollection of how they got there or their recent past-life incarnation, the dormant soul, once formless, decides to take on a hamster-seedling form and set on a journey of creativity and self-discovery.

An exciting journey awaits them.

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