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Nullium is a Vtuber and Vstreamer on the autism spectrum and has ADHD. Nullium's personality is best described as chill but awkward to be around. He is interested in sci-fi, time travel, cyberpunk artwork, horror, art in general, and anime. He mainly enjoys playing sandbox, top-down strategy gamers, colony simulations, and role-playing games but isn't afraid to dabble in horror and FPS games.

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Nullium was originally from the year 2050; however, the fourth world war broke out, and as a means to escape it Nullium and his family decided to cryogenically freeze him until the war was over. A little under 500 years has passed when he awoke from his status chamber in a building that was over four miles in the air away from the now hellish ground of a post world war four earth. As he came to his senses Nullium walked out of the building to see a futuristic yet highly dystopian city only for his cousin to pick him up and get him a cheep apartment. A year later, after some shady ways of earning capital and stealing a prototype mini fusion reactor with the help of a mole in a very corrupt company, Nullium founded Nullcorp a black-market company that specializes in scouting the long barren and forgotten world beneath him to salvage technology that was lost. after a year of salvaging and evading the law, Nullium with the help of his mole, decided to steal from the said company again. after he and his associate returned to his warehouse with the newly stolen device, they did some experiments with it and found it was a device that allowed communication between his time to a different timeline in the past. knowing the great power in his hands Nullium and crew decide that the only thing to do with this device is to warn the other time and guide it from avoiding events that happened in his time to ensure the future is safe for those people.

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