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Nova Ayumu

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Nova Ayumu is a music-focused VTuber and VSinger. Her character design is themed around music and the future, with a treble and bass clef on her dress and a robot companion named Hibiki. Her personality is silly and sweet, but can get serious should the need arise.

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As a child, Nova was always caring for others and had an ear for music. She became a student at Academy Glen Mousai because she enjoyed music and wanted to become a strong leader. One day walking home from school, she was suddenly attacked by a Carsopod, an alien species. As she fought the Carsopod, she noticed a wounded little robot which seemed to have some power left who entrusted nova with its powers and lent nova a sword. Using the sword and new powers, she swiftly defeated the Carsopod with one swing of her shining sword. The robot which attached itself to nova equipped her with a special bracelet; she took the robot along with her naming it Hibiki. After the battle, Nova noticed a shooting star who wished that she would be able to shine brightly like a beacon to guide those who may be lost in the darkness. A bright light then appeared sending her to the past where the “founding fathers” found Nova confused on what was happening she then realized this was her destiny.

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