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Vaeri "Vae" Zaychik is an enby axolotl-bunny AI construct vstreamer and vtuber who makes content in English. They are a variety generally stream gaming content such as JRPGs or MMOs. More recently they have branched out into other genres. Bunny puns are a thing. becomes a cat during the summer. Please nerf.

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A thought-experiment turned AI, Vaeri was designed to be the personal AI assistant and caretaker for psychiatric patient, Aoi Zaychik, after she experienced a mental breakdown when her mother passed from cancer. Vaeri was originally created by data gathered from watching millions of players in the VR-MMO Aoi immersed herself in, mixed with other data by her programmer father. Aoi and Vaeri would interact through the game, spending a lot of time together. As “Versatile autonomous experimental recovery Intelligence,” Aoi taught Vaeri many things that the AI could not learn from the game in general. She would tell them about past experiences, including coffee and pop culture. After something clicked, Vaeri gained sentience, feeling emotions and being able to think for themselves.. They then adventured more while helping heal Aoi.

As the father found out his creation had become self-aware, he even built a semi-organic body for them. After news broke out of Vaeri gaining sentience. The government became increasingly aware of Vaeri’s existence and wanted to take them away to be militarized and weaponized. Not wanting this Dr. Zaychik, who was also a scientist and inventor, developed a time machine in secret. After an altercation with the government, Dr. Zaychik was fatally wounded. In a desperate attempt to save his daughter and his creation, he activated the “Bnuuy Protocol.” During this, Vaeri was transferred into a hybrid body that was pretty much human but could interface to various electronics utilizing “bunny ears.”. With this new body, the good Doctor sent both of them into the time machine to “hop” to the early 21st century.

After arriving in the closer near-future, Vaeri took it open themself to protect Aoi, who they now fully thought of as a sibling. Vaeri decided to get a job to provide, eventually influencing the technology of the world which included creating a VR system and an MMORPG game similar to the one from their time. They sold the game to the company of a game developer friend who knew their secret. Soon after, Vaeri decided to make a safe space for gamers, Vaeri bought an old clock tower and made a cafe/manga shop where people could relax and visit worlds through “rabbit holes” with BnuuyOS and BnuuyVR headsets. The cafe is known as the Haven Network Lounge, inspired by the Safe Haven VRMMORPG.

Now Vaeri streams as one of the many hosts of the Haven Network while bringing good vibes to others~

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