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Nola Aimè

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Nola Aimé is a female Virtual Youtuber from DIMENSTAR. She debuted in Gen 1 (also known as MeLaRad-Yu!) at DIMENSTAR alongside Radna Avaritia, Meridia Elinor, and Soo Suyu.

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Nola Aimé, the angel of temperance, she has spend most of her life serving under thee creator, she worked tirelessly sorting all the documents and files about humans form the mortal planes.

One day she got a call from thee creator to find Eirene that has been spending 1 year on the mortal planes without any information from her, Nola instantly accepted that opportunity to find Eirene, as she prepared her spell to teleport to the mortal plane she was distracted by a sudden hug from Meridia Elinor as the teleportation spell completed they teleported to somewhere dark and appeared to be one the room in Kai Superbia's house.

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