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Nimzy Nova

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Nimzy Nova is a small, chubby, winged mouse like creature from a far away galaxy sent to Earth as punishment for their criminal ways. In reality, the crimes Nim are guilty of would be mischief or general forgetfulness at the most. (Model in the works.)

Lore Edit

Nimzy is a super villain from a far off magical society that exists between universes. Nim was sent to Earth as a punishment for their horrible crimes, crimes like forgetting to say "Please" and "Thank you", forgetting to put their shopping cart away, trying to overthrow the government, talking during movies, and not petting a cat that meowed at them once. After arriving they were convinced they were the worst of the worst, a being to be feared and respected but was quickly humbled by the people of Earth. Nim knows now that they're not the worst of the worst but still wants to improve and be a better person.

Nim is concerned that they might have been born evil as they frequently feel the urge to do wrong, and it's kind of hard for Nim to fight their mischievous nature. For example, Nim still wants to rule their own planet and turn it into a magical society of their own and when bored will order pizzas to their home world without paying for them.

Nim's Personality:

Nim is friendly and nice to people who are nice to them first and sometimes even nice to mean people. They like to compliment mean people because they hope that it bothers them more than if Nim was mean. They're known to go into little bursts of mischievous behavior like choose evil when they can. People have described Nim as being nice and cute to lull you into a false sense of security before saying something playfully mean, silly, flirty, dirty, or dark. I don't think Nim could actually physically hurt someone but they like to play pranks and most of their bad behavior can be marked up to their forgetfulness.

Nim's Gender:

Anytime they're asked Nim deflects the conversation. Nim might not have a gender or hasn't figured it out yet.


Nim's magic is a bit limited on Earth, so they regenerate magic slowly. They want to get more fans so they can generate more magic. Right now Nim's magic is limited to flying or hovering in place, but Nim's people are capable of strong magic and should they generate enough Nim may change forms.

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