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Neo Ambrosia

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Neo Ambrosia is a ghost-themed virtual streamer who makes content in English. He currently only streams on Twitch, but his content is focused on older or less popular games, with a few variety streams mixed in.

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After waking up in a deserted church, tired and confused, he explored to try to piece together what happened only to realize that he no longer remembers anything. He read through old pages, books, and scrolls, only to be left confused. Since he didn't remember his name, he picked out a set of words from a report that felt important, "Neo Ambrosia."

He wandered the church for days on end, only able to piece some things together. Between the name meaning god's new food, the pain he had occasionally, and the state he woke up in, it was fairly easy to see what happened to him and why he died, but even after that and days on end of boredom, he couldn't get himself to leave the church, so he remained. He stayed and eventually was able to figure out how to turn on the really old computer in the attic room. From there he learned to explore the internet. He had received both good and bad influences and eventually upgraded his setup.

Who knows why this abandoned building still has electricity, we don't talk about that. It's a minor detail.

Neo expanded his horizons, learned multiple different skills, and landed on streaming as a way to connect with the outside world without leaving the place where he feels most comfortable. In the hope of having fun, sharing similar interests, and just bringing entertainment to others, this is what Neo set on.

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