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Nemui Momoka

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Momoka is a SheepTuber that loves cute stuffs, sleeping, playing videogames (even if she's bad at it) and it's a little extroverted fluffy ball that wants to bright your day up and especially make you laugh. ?

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Living in a dream dimension, Momoka was just one of the many sheep that appear in your dreams when you counted them before bed, but she was special. She loved the dreams, desires and goals of all human beings, she loved it so much that she started to feel the same feelings as all of them. After so longing for this, some divine miracle gave her the chance to become someone real, to be able to live like humans and dream like them. Her admiration for dreams made her wish come true, and thus, she became a humanoid with sheep characteristics. Her ears, horns, tail and bell continued on her body, being able to stand out among humans when living with them, and with a single objective: to seek her own motivation and reason to keep dreaming. And so Nemui Momoka was born.

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