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Necro the Kitsune is a VTuber hailing from Australia. She is a university lecturer who spends most of her downtime playing games and creating art. She created a chibi avatar of herself to help integrate herself into online gaming. Necro is quite shy so she rarely speaks but her cat, Scuffy, speaks on her behalf. Necro does love lip-syncing to Scuffy, finding it adorable.

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Necro the Kitsune arrived from the heavens, fed up with the constraints of heavenly life. Always preferring the presence of mortals, she decided to put her incredible knowledge of Heaven and Earth to good use and took up the role of a lecturer in an Australian university, specializing in human health.

Necro also became quite fond of online video games during this time and learned how to play them on her own. Though she prefers MMORPG’s, she found it difficult to converse with people. During this time, she discovered online streaming and meeting other people. Though she had a chibi avatar made, Necro still found it difficult to get started.

It wasn’t until she adopted a strange cat named Scuffy that things began to change. Though he was a cat, Scuffy spoke fluent English and was very curious as to what Necro was doing. Knowing Necro was nervous to talk, yet eager to stream and meet new people, Scuffy offered to be the voice while Necro, true to her kitsune self, would lip-sync to Scuffy talking.

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